The Best Budget Coffee Gear Under $50

Written by: Garrett Oden

A passion for exceptional coffee doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby. 

You can still brew coffee you’d be proud to share with your barista  while keeping your bank account in the green. So if you’re seeking the best budget coffee gear  that doesn't sacrifice quality flavor, read ahead!

In this article, we’re exploring the best affordable but effective coffee gear to create your first-rate home set-up without needing to splurge. 

(This is also a convenient guide for those curious shoppers searching for a thoughtful and cost-efficient coffee enthusiast gift.)

We will look at the… 

  • Best Budget French Press 
  • Best Budget Coffee Grinder 
  • Best Budget Electric Kettle
  • Best Budget Coffee Scale
  • Best Budget Travel Coffee Brewer 
  • Best Budget Milk Steamer 
  • Best Budget Tamper
  • Best Budget Coffee Canister 

Read ahead for our barista-approved recommendations!

Best Budget French Press - Espro French Press 

Price: $39.95

best budget french press

While the patent for the French Press is almost 90 years old, this coffee maker truly is timeless. The Espro P3 brings some new and nifty modifications to it’s already classic design at an affordable price. 

There really is nothing worse than slugging on your morning coffee and discovering too much texture at the bottom of your mug. The Espro P3 coffee press includes a double-micro filter, which efficiently strains out those undesirable gritty grinds, resulting in a smooth, tasty brew. 

If you would like to learn how to tell the difference between a smooth and not so smooth coffee, read our article on How to Taste Coffee: Mouthfeel.


  • Has an extra thick glass body that slows heat loss during extraction 
  • comes with a safety lock mechanism that keeps you from spilling and burning yourself. 
  • It doesn’t need any paper filters, so all you need to do is heat some water, grind your coffee, and go!


  • Can take a bit of time to get used to

Best Budget Coffee Grinder- JavaPresse Grinder

Price: 39.99 or Free!

best budget coffee grinder

When you are serious about coffee, you need a serious coffee grinder! And according to most baristas, it’s the most important piece of coffee equipment at your disposal.

🙌 Plus an added bonus is that you can make the JavaPresse grinder yours for FREE when you try our Signature Coffee Trio ($43).

The JavaPresse burr grinder is ideal for any coffee lover, budget conscious or not. 

The stainless steel grinder comes with long-lasting ceramic burrs that grind rather than ‘chop’ your coffee beans like other affordable blade grinders. The burrs can also be easily adjusted to 15 different settings so you can pinpoint your desired flavors with nearly any coffee maker.


  • Perfectly portable 
  • Durable, longer lasting body and burrs to keep your coffee beans evenly ground
  • A manual grinder means you won’t be stupering about looking for an electricity socket when you’re craving a pour over.


  • Takes a bit of elbow grease (but a great mini morning workout!)

Find out how to get your grinder here.

Best Budget Electric Kettle - Bodum Melior

Price: $34.99

best budget electric kettle

Why use a gooseneck electric kettle? Well, think of it this way: envision every filter coffee you prepare as a game. The goal being the most perfect circular motions while hitting every dry coffee particle and in turn achieving a tasty extraction. The slim and long design of the spout makes this as easy as pie to control the flow of your pour. 

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The aesthetic of the Bodum Melior kettle is elegant while not breaking the bank. The non-slip cork makes it comfortable to grip the handle while playing the daily extraction game so you can focus on the beans in front of you.


  • A great starter electric kettle for those looking to practise
  • Stainless steel body with a matte black finish
  • Non slip cork handles 
  • 27 ounce capacity


  • Unfortunately it doesn’t have a temperature control 

Best Budget Coffee Scale - ERAVSOW Coffee Scale

Price: $18.99 

best budget coffee scale

When looking for affordable brewing equipment, it’s best to look for the tools that can do the basics correctly. No need for extra bells and whistles.

The two fundamental needs for a working coffee scale are (1) accurate weight and (2) time readings. The Eravsow has both these functions on a clear, large backlit display. The round, smooth surface also makes it convenient to wipe down and won’t give you a heart attack if you spill anything on it. 

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  • Reads to the tenth of a gram
  • Large easy to read display
  • Comes with a timer


  • Battery operated which can be wasteful
  • Design is a bit clunky

Best Budget Travel Coffee Brewer - Aeropress Go Travel

Price: $31.95

best budget travel coffee brewer

The Aeropress is a cult classic among the worldwide coffee community, and for justified reasons. 

The ‘Aeropress Go Travel Coffee Press’ is designed specifically for coffee on the go, so you can brew from the comfort of your own home or the tippy top of a mountain, with few hiccups along the way.  It also comes with its own mug with lid, micro-filters in a storage carton, filter holder, stirrer, and scoop.

Need a perfect companion grinder to travel with your Aeropress? Read our article on what to look for in a travel coffee grinder. 

There really are so many positives to this cylindrical brewer. You can decide how complicated or simple you want to make your brewing experience. But however you make it, you’ll have a great tasting brew at the end. Stir it, flip it, drop temperature, raise your kettle et al. There are plenty of ways to simplify or complicate it. And then just pop it in your bag when you are finished.


  • Quick, unfussy coffee brewing, even on the go.
  • A seamless design 
  • Easy to clean and pack away 
  • A great method to experiment with


  • You need to make sure you remember filters 
  • It is fashioned from plastic, which may put some people off.  

Best Budget Milk Steaming Pitcher - Revolution Stainless Steel Steaming Pitcher 20 Oz

Price: $18

Steaming milk is a science and pouring lattes is an art. But the two can be easily achieved with this Revolution 20 ounce steaming pitcher. 

The stainless steel frothing jug really doesn’t need any extra bells and whistles because it achieves what it needs to in its minimalist design. There is a neat ounces and milliliters measurement indicator on the inside of the pitcher, so you know how much to steam for those perfect milky tulips without pouring any precious microfoam away. Plus it is dishwasher safe!


  • A more turned down spout for better latte artistry
  • Measurement indicators in both ounces and millimeters to avoid milk waste 
  • Sturdy, heavy weight for better control when steaming and pouring


  • Might be too small for those looking to make several cappuccinos at once

Best Budget Tamper - LuxHaus Calibrated Espresso Tamper

Price: $39.00

best budget espresso tamper

An efficient tamper is an instrumental element for any home espresso aficionado. 

An uneven or over compacted tamp can easily ruin an ideal portafilter basket of ground coffee beans, so it’s best to get the right tamper for both you and your espresso machine. 

The LuxHaus 53mm Calibrated Espresso Tamper is great value for those kitchen baristas looking to achieve a perfectly compressed puck every time. And you likely will never feel like wanting to upgrade.

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  • Consistent and easy to achieve results due to the spring loaded base
  • Ideal for newbies
  • Range of sizes to choose to perfectly suit your portafilter walls


  • Only comes with the flat tamp option, not the ‘curved’ option some users might prefer

Best Budget Coffee Canister - Fellow Atmos

Price: $30

best budget coffee canister

A sealable coffee canister can drastically extend the life of your favorite coffee beans. 

Crafted from Borosilicate glass, the Fellow Atmos vacuum canister is more resistant to thermal shock than most other glassware. The lid has an intelligent mechanism that sucks the air out of the chamber by a quick twist of the top to preserve the coffee’s freshest flavors. 


  • Minimalistic and sleek design 
  • Option to purchase other sizes to fit with your lifestyle
  • Works well for other perishables 


  • Not dishwasher safe 
  • Need to be careful with the vacuum pump action for stray coffee particles 

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No Matter the Equipment, the Coffee Beans are the Star 

All of these items are a testament that with any price range you can acquire effective coffee gear that does the job well.

Yet, no matter what gadgets and gizmos you purchase, your coffee beans are the central factor of what flavors and textures end up in your cup. 

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best coffee bean subscription

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